Exotic Wood

Exotic woods are often considered the most visually stunning of hardwoods. Exotic woods are generally sourced from places other than North America. They are harder than those found in the US and Canada and often contain beautiful striking grains and colors. Exotic woods are more rare than domestic woods in North America.

Exotic woods are a great option for eye catching pieces. They make great accent pieces and are often used in veneers.


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Santos MahoganySantos Mahogany
4/4 S2S
Santos Mahogany
Sale price$15.00
Ebiara ( Red Zebrawood)Ebiara ( Red Zebrawood)
Ebiara ( Red Zebrawood)
Sale price$18.50
Tiger Wood ( Goncalo Alves)Tiger Wood ( Goncalo Alves)
Tiger Wood ( Goncalo Alves)
Sale price$21.00
Sale price$14.75
Zebrawood 8/4
Zebrawood 8/4
Sale price$28.25
Bolivian Rosewood 4/4
Bolivian Rosewood 4/4
Sale price$27.00
Red Canary Wood 4/4
Red Canary Wood 4/4
Sale price$14.00
Bocote 4/4
Bocote 4/4
Sale price$37.80
African MahognanyAfrican Mahognany
African Mahognany
Sale priceFrom $14.00
Black Limba LumberBlack Limba Lumber
Black Limba Lumber
Sale priceFrom $15.16
Bubinga LumberBubinga Lumber
Bubinga Lumber
Sale price$25.75
Wenge LumberWenge Lumber
Wenge Lumber
Sale priceFrom $28.30