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Ebiara ( Red Zebrawood)

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Ebiara ( Red Zebrawood)

Ebiara ( Red Zebrawood)



Ebiara, also known as Red Zebrawood or samba, is a hardwood originating from West Africa, predominantly found in countries such as Nigeria, Ghana, and Cameroon. It is valued for its lightweight properties, ease of workability, and attractive appearance, making it a popular choice in various woodworking applications.

The heartwood of ebiara typically ranges from pale yellow to a light pinkish-brown color, often exhibiting a uniform hue. Its sapwood is lighter in color and is not always clearly demarcated from the heartwood. Ebiara is known for its straight grain and fine to medium texture, which allows it to take finishes and stains exceptionally well, resulting in a smooth and polished appearance.


Ebiara is not as hard or dense as some other hardwoods, which can make it more susceptible to dents and scratches. However, its excellent workability and finishing characteristics compensate for this drawback. Additionally, it's important to note that proper handling and machining techniques should be employed to avoid tear-out or splintering, especially when working with interlocked grain patterns that can occasionally be present in the wood.


Due to its lightweight nature and ease of manipulation, ebiara is favored by woodworkers for crafting furniture, cabinetry, interior joinery, veneers, plywood, and other decorative items. It's also utilized in carving and turnery due to its ease of shaping.

Hardness:  1,280 lbf (5,690 N)


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