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Tiger Wood ( Goncalo Alves)

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Tiger Wood ( Goncalo Alves)

Tiger Wood ( Goncalo Alves)


Tigerwood, also known as Goncalo alves or Gonçalo alves, is a type of hardwood renowned for its striking appearance characterized by its vibrant orange-brown to reddish-brown background with irregular, darker striping, resembling the pattern of a tiger's fur. This wood is highly prized for its attractive grain and coloration, making it a popular choice for various woodworking projects and decorative applications.

Tigerwood is native to Central and South America, particularly found in regions such as Brazil, Paraguay, and Uruguay. It belongs to the Astronium genus of trees, and the species Astronium fraxinifolium is often associated with the tigerwood commonly used in woodworking.


Generally not difficult to work with despite its high density. When grains are highly figured and irregular it can be challenging when planing or machining. This will have a blunting effect on cutters.  As it is resistant to moisture it can be difficult to glue. 

Janka Hardness:  2170 lbf (9640 N)

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