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YXE Wood Select

Red Canary Wood 4/4

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The heartwood of this timber is a veritable rainbow of colours ranging from yellows and oranges to darker reddish brown. The sapwood is easy to spot and is a pale yellow in colour. . The rainbow colouring of Canarywood tends to become darker and more homogenous with age and has a distinct scent when being worked. Canarywood is said to have good acoustic properties, and is sometimes used for speaker enclosures and entertainment system cabinets.

Grain/Texture:  The grain is typically straight, but can be irregular or wild on some pieces. Uniform fine to medium texture with good natural luster.

Rot Resistance: Rated as very durable in regard to decay resistance, as well as being resistant to termite and marine borer attack.

 Workability: Easily worked by both hand and power tools,  though tear outs can occur while planning peices with irregular graining. . Good dimensional stability. Turns, glues and finishes well

 Common Uses: Construction lumber, railroad crossties, flooring, veneers, boatbuilding, furniture, cabinetry, and turned items.

 Janka Hardness: 1,520 lbf (6,750 N)

 Distribution: South America (from Panama down to southern Brazil)


Sold by the board foot. A board foot is a wood measurement for a piece of lumber 12" wide by 1' long by 1" thick for estimating purposes. Request a quote to get in touch to see if we have the right size lumber for your needs.


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