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YXE Wood Select

Black Limba Lumber

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Limba heartwood is a light yellowish to golden brown, sometimes with grey to nearly black streaks and veins. Black limba has darker figuring. Sapwood is a pale greyish to yellowish brown, not clearly demarcated from the heartwood. Color tends to darken with age. Grain is straight to slightly interlocked, with a uniformly coarse texture. Moderate natural luster.


Limba is easy to work with both hand and machine tools. Contains a small amount of silica, but blunting effect on cutters is usually small. Glues and finishes well.

Common Uses

Limba is used for veneer, plywood, furniture, musical instruments (electric guitar bodies), and turned objects.


Tropical western Africa

Janka Hardness

670 lbf (2,990 N)


Limba is sold by the board foot. A board foot is a wood measurement for a piece of lumber 12" wide by 1' long by 1" thick for estimating purposes. Request a quote to get in touch to see if we have the right size lumber for your needs.


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